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Flexible. Affordable. Quality Shaving.

Our Men’s Grooming Kit guarantees a silky-smooth shave every single time.

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A Close Shave

Our products are seriously good: We guarantee a high quality shave every single day. Our single blade razor has been designed to give you a great shaving experience with the least effort required.

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DozenWinks Professional Shaving Brush & Double Edge Safety Razor

Complete Experience

Everything you’ll ever need in one box. Easy, convenient and effective. On top of that, you can tailor your shaving subscription to perfectly fit your busy schedule, whether you are a beginner or experienced shaver.

DozenWinks Double Edge Safety Razor

Why choose us?

  • Statistically, a double edge safety razor has always been more efficient and has provided a more satisfying shave than any other cartridge-based & electric razors.
  • Expect a top notch shave every single time.
  • High quality assurance, British made.
  • Fast & Free delivery every single time.
  • Get everything you need in one go, never forget to restock again!
  • No hidden costs – cancel anytime.
DozenWinks Full Men's Grooming Kit

A manly grooming experience

We aimed to create the simplest and most rewarding process ever so we are confident that you will be delighted with your men's grooming kit. You pick a desired shaving subscription plan and we will give you a FREE double edge safety razor and a professional shaving brush in your men’s grooming kit.

DozenWinks Men's Grooming Kit

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Shop with the confidence that our in-house developed products are of the highest quality. An effortless shave with one click.

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Busy man? New to shaving? Our shaving subscription guarantees your bathroom cupboard is always restocked.

Man shaving with a safety razor

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Immerse yourself in the art of grooming with our men's grooming kit. We have done all the legwork for you.

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