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Inside Your Men's Shaving Kit

High-quality selection: including razors, brushes, razor blades and good-lather soaps/creams.

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At DozenWinks we strive to bring you cut-edge products with a traditional British feel. We have handpicked the best from a wide selection of shaving supplies to deliver you an unprecedented manly experience. In addition to your good-lather shaving cream, luxurious and masculine scented soap, Gillette shaving blades you will also get a free high quality double edge safety razor and a professional shaving brush custom made by us for you.

Double Edge Safety Razor

Your first DozenWinks men’s shaving kit will include a free double edge safety razor. Our razor is compatible with any single double edge shaving blades. The razor has a traditional removable head, designed to effortlessly switch between blades. Its handle provides a non-slip comfortable grip, which, paired with a weight-balanced design ensures ease of use and quick maintenance for a supreme shave. This brilliant design allows for maximum control and precision, something appreciated by both beginners and well-experienced wet shavers.

Furthermore, single blade replacements are typically about 80% cheaper than standard cartridges. So we have mentioned effectivity & costs but don't forget the health benefits. This shaving kit ensures a razor burn free experience as well as preventing ingrown hairs. Blades are really easy to change, razor has a low maintenance need, and unlike many other razors, our single blade razor provides you total control over the pressure applied on your skin. The customized razor also uses a single cutting edge technology that tracks along the skin at a much more comfortable angle and cuts the hair cleanly without grabbing or pulling excessively.

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Double Edge Safety Razor

Shaving Brush

Along with your double edge safety razor you will also receive a free shaving brush. Our shaving brush is crafted using a wooden handle paired with high quality bristles to ensure a thick lather. Amongst all other bristle types, this shaving brush will be the kindest to your skin, all the while guaranteeing a smooth and luxurious shave every single day.

Furthermore, this brush does not need any kind of ‘special’ maintenance. You will only need to rinse it off and leave to dry after use, it will maintain its soft touch! Similar to our razor, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced shaver, this shaving brush is a perfect addition to your shaving kit. We know that many men enjoy shaving brushes made of badger or boar hair, but don’t like the fact that the animals are killed simply so that they can have a great shaving experience. The good news is that our horse hair shaving brush can give you the same great luxurious lather without harming the animal as horse hair is well-known for its durability, yet very soft at the tips.

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Professional Shaving Brush

Pre-Shave Soap

Each men’s shaving kit will come with a premium quality pre-shave soap which will last you the entire time. With this pre-shave soap, you can expect the strong scent of pine tar accompanied with the benefits of cleansing your skin, unblocking pores and releasing ingrown hairs. Our pine tar soap will make sure your shave is always comfortable and soothing. Rest assured that this cleanser will leave you refreshed and smelling like a man!

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Pre-Shave Soap

Razor blades & Matchsticks

Never again will you feel a dull blade ripping your skin apart! You will no longer dread the upcoming shave, or having to plan another shopping raid for the next best thing as you forgot to restock again. Our men’s shaving kit will always bring enough high quality Gillette razor blades to your doorstep – so that you no longer depend on your shaving routine. These high quality blades will work perfectly with our double edge safety razor for a close, clean and stress-free shave. Together with those blades, you will also receive twenty individual astringent matchsticks that are used to close pores, heal nicks and cuts after a shave – they are antibacterial and work their magic within SECONDS.

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Razor Blades And Matches

Shaving cream

You can always expect to get a Sandalwood men's shaving cream which will last until the next batch delivery comes around. This cream has been formulated to make it suitable for a sensitive skin whilst still creating a smooth and maximised creamy lather - giving you multiple shaving passes with just a pea sized amount. Scent-wise? A touch of geranium, liquid amber and the heart of a carnation with a hint of fern, sandalwood, rock rose and vetivert. If anything…it’s a classic. Our shaving cream will leave a pleasant fougère musk even hours after shaving.

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Shaving Cream

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